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It’s now less than 21 days until we meet Alex. Things are kicking into high gear as the baby preparations continue. Alexandra’s furniture finally arrived. We spent the weekend arranging her room, washing loads and loads of baby clothes, and sorting her clothes for China. We still have quite a few finishing touches to add to her room, but we are making progress. Finally, it looks like a baby’s room instead of a warehouse for Babies R Us!

The past several months have been quite an education for us. We never dreamed that one little person could have so many things. We have learned about carseats, strollers, diaper genies and pack and plays.

And oh yes, we learned how to have fun in the toy store. Jay says that when the stickers on the interactive toys say “press here”, it is merely a suggestion, not a requirement. But what fun is it if the toys are not making any noise? I’m sure my philosophy will change after a few months with an active baby and a whole conglomeration of toys that make every noise known to man.

Last weekend we had a taste of things to come. We got to meet Katelyn. She had been in the states for just under 48 hours, but you would never know it. She was amazing. Her parents told us that she is shy, but you couldn’t prove it by her behavior or the pictures!

Katelyn took a little while to warm up, but once she got going, she was pretty funny. She had a blast scrunching up her nose and making funny faces at Jay. And she loved it even more when he made funny faces right back at her. Yes, we were the dignified party of five at the table in the center of the pizza parlor on a Saturday afternoon. Soon, that will be a party of six.

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    • Alex, can you say “let’s go Yankees”?

      “Over the years I got to be quite a connossieur of soap. Though my personal preference was for Lux, I found that Palmolive had a nice, piquant after-dinner flavor – heavy, but with a touch of mellow smoothness. Life Buoy, on the other hand… YECCHH!”–Ralphie Parker

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