And then there were 10

Eleven families (including us) received referrals from Guangxi, and would have been travelling together in October. We knew at referral time that one of the children had a significant medical issue–not life-threatening, but requiring attention as soon as she arrived in the US.

The wait to travel has extended beyond the customary time, and her doctors have decided that additional waiting is not a good idea. They want to begin treatment as quickly as possible, and not wait until November.

The adoption agency requested that special permission be given to this family to travel early, and the Chinese government agreed. They left on Saturday, traveling with the group going to Hunan province. They’ll split off once they reach Hong Kong, and travel separately to Guangxi. They’ll rejoin the group in Guangzhou.

Their child is in the same orphanage as Alex, and they offered to deliver a package to the orphanage staff for us. We’ve already arranged for a care package to be sent to Alex (more on this later), but we did ask them to take a picture or two if they’re allowed to travel to the orphanage.

Lauri and I had been looking forward to travelling with Sarah’s family, but we’re happy they’ll be bringing her home early. I hope you’ll keep them in your thoughts.

UPDATE: Sarah was waiting at the hotel for her family when they arrived in Nanning.

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