Test driving the Hip Hammock

It’s important to carry your baby safely (or so they’ve told me).  So we’ve decided to get the Hip Hammock, a high-tech kiddy-toting sling.  The fact that it comes with an 8-page manual worries me.  The fact that I can’t put it on without help, even when the test subject is a 2-pound stuffed bear, worries me more.

At any rate, here’s a photo from our first dry run.  “Look, Alex, there’s our tour bus!  Leaving without us!  I really have to learn to put this thing on faster!”

(Notice the terror-stricken expression on the bear.  I have a feeling I’m going to be seeing that a lot.  Notice the vaguely confused expression on me.  I have a feeling everyone else is going to be seeing that a lot.)

3 thoughts on “Test driving the Hip Hammock

  1. This cracks me up! You made my day!
    You will love the hiphammock, it just takes a few times getting it right!
    We will help you with it in china! We have one too!
    Love Debbie Gentile

  2. Ok Jay this is a blackmail picture if I ever saw one..
    I am thinking of posting it on the post office wall “Have you seen this man?” He is wanted for scaring this Teddy bear he is on the loose and he is armed with a slinge and he can be dangerous if asked when are you traveling to get your daughter? Be on the look out he is a wonderful DAD waiting for his beautiful daughter!!!!!!!!
    You always know how to make me laugh Jay….
    Take care,

  3. Hey Jay, Maybe you can carry around a sac of potatoes around on your hip and arm to build up enough strength to carry a 16lb little girl. If it can wriggle and say “down!”, You’ld really br ahead of the learning curve..LOL 🙂 We’re sharing your excitement…….Joann

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