For those of you keeping track

What was underneath the wallpaper? MORE wallpaper. It took us quite a while to discover that, however, because we made the mistake of reading the directions on the wallpaper stripper. We scored the wallpaper with the wallpaper scorers, just like it said. We painted the blue goo on, just like it said. We let it sit for 20 minutes just like it said.

The wallpaper didn’t come down like it said. It didn’t come down at all. So we went through the whole series of steps again.

After half an hour of attacking it with the scrapers, we decided to regroup, rethink, and toss out the recommended course of action. We peeled the facing off the top layer, and applied the goo to the remaining adhesive layer. Lauri discovered that, when it’s wet, everything comes off the wall like magic. But as soon as things dry out, wallpaper removal is done. The trick was to keep it wet.

We succeeded in getting one wall 90% stripped.

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