Final night in Guilin

The Internet access is still terrible. We’re hoping for better once we reach Guangzhou tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures to prove we’re really here in China.

Here’s Lauri and Alex on Gotcha Day, moments after Alex was handed to Lauri. The orphanage had dressed all the girls in matching red outfits.

The next morning Alex demonstrated that she could stand by herself, and had apparently never experienced carpet beneath her feet before. A couple of minutes after this picture was taken, she showed us that she could walk as well.

This is two days after Gotcha Day. Congee is a thing of the past. Getting her to eat is not a problem.

We went to a Buddhist temple in Nanning for a blessing of the babies. There was a large pond filled with koi in the same park, and Lauri and Alex watched the koi feeding. Alex really likes watching fish, and wants to stop at every fish tank and goldfish bowl.

Yesterday we took a 4-hour boat tour of the Li River. Lauri and Alex sat by the window and watched the scenery.

Last night we went to Elephant Trunk Hill Park, one of Guilin’s signature attractions. Here’s a picture of all three of us, to prove that I’m actually in China, too. That’s Elephant Trunk Hill behind us.

We haven’t been able to get any email yet, so nobody should feel like we’re ignoring them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to stay in touch in Guangzhou.

3 thoughts on “Final night in Guilin

  1. Oh my god I was waiting for these pictures she is so so so beautiful!!!
    You guys look so happy and we are so happy for you!!
    See you when you get home
    Love Pam and Jerry

  2. She’s more beautiful than her pictures! How thrilled we are for you… That’s the smile of beaming parents if ever there was one (or two!!)… Joanne & Chris

  3. She is adorable, and how natural the three of you together look, just a family of three on an outing! So happy for you, ( and for Grandma, who is as giddy as a shcool girl, we know how you guys are, we’ve been there, too!). See you when you get home, we can’t wait to see you safe at home and meet Alex.

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