New pictures

Yes, we’re still here. Everybody seems to be on US time now; Alex adjusted much faster than we expected.

We’re still working on the journal of our adventures in China–do you all want to read about it day by day, or in one monstrous entry? Leave a comment, let me know.

As a reward for your patience, I’ve added the pictures from our adventures in Hong Kong to the photo gallery.


…is where you hang your hat.
…sweet home.
…is where, when you go there, they have to take you in.
…is where we are now, and where we won’t be leaving any time soon.

We made it.

Guangzhou and the White Swan Hotel

We’ve arrived at Guangzhou and are at the White Swan Hotel. Guangzhou’s greatest attraction, as far as I’m concerned, is the presence of Danny’s Bagels, which provides American comfort food. Chinese food is fine, but after 10 days of it, we were desperate for a taste of home. Yesterday’s meals consisted of hamburgers, macaroni and cheese (which Alex loves) and pizza.

Guangzhou is much more accessible to us, and many things to do and see are available within walking distance. Here we are with Greg and Ann and their daughter Miya, in a park just a couple of blocks from the hotel.

The White Swan has a playroom designed and stocked by Mattel. We’ve been told that the kids in Desheng had a total of three toys to share, so Alex wasn’t too sure about an entire roomful of playthings. After a few minutes, though, she got the idea.

The White Swan has a two-story waterfall in the central atrium. Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to make out in this shot.

We got the word this morning that all the paperwork for the adoption is done. We have our interview at the American consulate this afternoon, and that’s the final step. The adoption is final, and when Alex steps foot on US soil she’ll be an American citizen.

We leave for Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon, a 3.5 hour bus ride. Home is close–this part of the journey is almost over.